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Dvorak : I'm a star, darlings!

Today (Wednesday) the recording of myself and that popular gentleman Mr. Stephen Fry is broadcast on the wireless.

Yes, I am Mr. Dvorak in that interview. Hopefully they didn't cut my contribution too badly, and I don't sound like an idiot (I don't get an advance copy of the programme so haven't heard it yet).

As some of you may be aware, I am a large fan and proponent of the Dvorak keyboard, especially when it is combined with a lovely clicky buckling spring keyboard such as the Unicomp Endura Pro. I've been using it for well over ten years now - the typing rhythm and finger travel reduction make it a pleasure to type upon.

Obviously, it's not a decision everyone makes, as it's somewhat of an effort to gain competency in two keyboard layouts let alone one. I'm also fortunate enough to have a Dvorak keyboard of my own at work (I did pay for this myself).

I was contacted by Nick Baker, who was looking for a proponent of QWERTY alternatives. In short, after a little discussion I caught a particularly early train to London for a recording shortly after midday[1].

Locating the recording studio, we enjoyably discussed various keyboard and QWERTY related factors, followed by a test question and answer session prior to the actual interview with Stephen Fry.

I'm sure you're all wondering what he's like. Well, he doesn't disappoint. Carrying an excessive number of iPhones, and initially rather filthy in nature, he quickly makes you feel at your ease. He's friendly, well informed and it was a pleasure to work with him. I have photographic evidence, at K's fangirlish insistence.

Somehow I doubt a career in radio beckons, but it was an interesting experience and good to put out some information about Dvorak, however bumbling I may have been. It also, much though he's a great friend, mildly irritates T in a good way as his target job is 'panelist on a Radio 4 programme' and I got on there first ;).

The rest of the day was filled with the science museum, a meal with K, wandering round Camden Market, and then catching the train home - it was a long day.

[1] This was obscenely expensive, and I'm glad the BBC foot the bill. Being certain of getting into London from Horwich prior to noon requires purchasing a ticket that would probably make an inroad into the national debt of Guatamala, and that's not even first class. Rip off rail merchants.

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