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Miscellaneous meanderings and myriad mumblings

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Syllopsium is a single, bisexual person with a penchant for cats, real ale, yoga, walking, countryside, bisexual activism, computers, consoles, sculpting, reading and suchlike.

I think I'm pretty reasonable , if you want to comment on anything I say here etc then say hi. Anything that's not actively abusive or seriously weird will be replied to.

Discussion welcome, and yes you can add me to your friends list if you wish.

Quite a few of my entries are friends only, usually because it's a little personal and/or I don't want the entry spidered by a search engine

If you want to chat in my journal feel free. I'm not bothered if conversations go off at a tangent.

Yes, this is the same Syllopsium that's found on the web elsewhere. It's also Matinee@CIX.

Contact details are here (protected entry)

Eating habits - I'm intolerant of a few foodstuffs.

This journal operates a few filters - you can find out what filters you are on here